Welcome to the Knights of Columbus Day Camp! We are thrilled that you have decided to join us this summer.

What to Bring to Camp
Your child should bring a backpack with a lunch, swimsuit, a towel, and sunscreen. Camp will provide juice at lunch and water throughout the day. Lunches are only refrigerated if absolutely necessary.

Please label all items in the backpack. All children are expected to keep track of all of their belongings.

Electronic Devices
We have a rule at camp that there be no electronic devices used between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30. This is to ensure that campers are involved with activities rather than playing Gameboy or listening to headphones. These may be used during before-care and after-care. There have been problems with these belongings missing, and while we will help the children with their belongings, they are ultimately responsible for the whereabouts of their things.

High-end electronic items, such as iPods, should really not be sent to camp. If your child wishes to bring one to camp, please send in a note saying that they are allowed to have it.

Cell Phones
Campers should not bring their cell phones to camp. If a camper must have a cell phone, they may not use it to make calls or sent text messages without a counselor’s permission. A phone is always available for a camper to use if necessary.

Our daily schedule will stay basically the same with arts and crafts, games, sports, and swim lessons in the morning. Lunch will be around noon, and we will have free swim in the afternoons. After free swim, there will be a light snack provided, but you may wish to pack an extra snack or money for the snack bar.

Registration Forms/Immunizations
All children must have a registration form filled out. If your child’s registration form is not filled out completely, it needs to be as soon as possible. One portion of the form that is not always filled out is the date of the last tetanus shot. Please bring this date to the first day of camp or contact me with the information.

Please talk with your child about the necessity of sunscreen. Counselors will help campers apply sunscreen; however, campers need to take responsibility to ask for help or apply some of their own sunscreen. Counselors will NOT argue with campers about putting on sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be applied at home before camp, but campers will be encouraged to reapply during camp.

Authorization to apply sunscreen must be provided by the parents to the camp staff. All sunscreen should be indelibly marked with the camper’s name, and all sunscreen left at camp will be destroyed at the end of the summer.

Medication and Severe Allergies
Campers who need to take medication during the day will self-administer medications, but the camp staff will lock up the medication during the day. Please fill out an authorization form for medication located online or from the camp staff.

Campers with severe allergies (i.e. peanuts) should fill out a special form outlining treatment in the case of a reaction. This can also be found online or from camp staff.

Payment in full will be due on the first day of each session and should be given directly to a counselor. As a reminder, the thirty-five dollar deposit should have been paid with registration and is deducted from the total amount for the session. If your child’s school is not over until after the first session begins due to the snow days, twenty percent is deducted from the total for the session.

Children should be dropped off and picked up behind the clubhouse building in the grove area with the picnic tables. Children not enrolled in before-care can be dropped off beginning at 8:30 a.m.; the camp activities begin at 9:00 am. Campers dropped off before 8:30 must be enrolled in before-care. The weekly fee for before-care is $15; however, if only one day is needed there will be a $7 charge.

The camp day ends promptly at 3:30, children not picked up by 3:30 will be placed in after-care. The daily charge for after-care is $12 per day. If your child is enrolled in after-care, they must be picked up by 6:00. After 6:00, there is a $15 charge per child for every half-hour or portion of a half-hour. The after-care phone number is (301)220-1029. Please call this phone number between 3:30-6:00.

If you are involved in a carpool, please return the carpool form. If this form is not filled out, we will only allow a child’s mother or father to take their own child. Any other situation will need to be accompanied by a note from the child’s parent. We will verify a person’s identity either by their driver’s license or phone number.

Any child who is on the swim team will be permitted to attend practice when the camp staff is notified.

Only pool members will be permitted to go to the pool directly after camp. It is the pool’s policy that no child under the age of 14 be at the pool without supervision. Please notify the camp staff when your child has permission to go to the pool after camp. In the case that a child has been either signed out of camp by a parent or to go to the pool, they are not permitted to return to the camp room.

Counselors in Training (CITs)
Counselors in training (CITs) attend the camp as an aide to the counselors. Although CITs are older and have more responsibilities, they need to help the counselors not give them more trouble (i.e. leaving their post, hanging out by the pool without permission, or rough housing with the children). Any CIT not fulfilling their responsibility will be given the choice to withdraw or pay the regular camper fee.

Counselors in training will be given a specific daily post for the mornings. In the afternoons, CITs attend free swim with the rest of the camp.

Camp Rules
Please speak with your child about the importance of proper camp behavior. We are very concerned with the safety of all of the children in the camp, and the camp rules will help to ensure that safety. The camp rules are as follows:
1. Respect others at all times.
2. Respect the facility and the equipment.
3. Remain with the group at all times.
4. Use appropriate language.
5. Listen to and follow directions.
6. Be a willing camp participant.
7. Refrain from touching other people and their belongings.

Contacting the Camp
If there are any concerns that you or your child may have, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached through my cell phone number at (240)393-2468. My email address is kofccamp@gmail.com.

The after-care phone number is (240)389-CAMP [2267].

Click http://docs.google.com/View?id=dfpkbz2v_6qm6vs4 for a printable version of this document.


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